Index Terms

The following Index Terms are ESSI specific and represent a subset of the formal AGU indexing vocabulary. These terms are used in indexing AGU abstracts and publications.

1900 Informatics
1902 Community Modeling Frameworks
1904 Community Standards
1906 Computational Models, Algorithms
1908 Cyberinfrastructure
1910 Data Assimilation, Integration, and Fusion
1912 Data Management, Preservation, Rescue
1914 Data Mining
1916 Data and Information Discovery
1918 Decision Analysis
1920 Emerging Informatics Technologies
1922 Forcasting
1924 Formal Logics and Grammers
1926 Geospatial
1928 GIS Science
1930 Data and Information Governance
1932 High-Performance Computing
1934 International Collaboration
1936 Interoperability
1938 Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Bases
1940 Machine-To-Machine Communication
1942 Machine Learning
1944 Markup Languages
1946 Metadata
1948 Metadata: Provenance
1950 Metadata: Quality
1952 Modeling
1954 Natural Language Processing
1956 Numerical Algorithms
1958 Ontologies
1960 Portals and User Interfaces
1962 Query Languages for science, markup languages, ontologies
1964 Real-time responsive information delivery
1968 Rules and Logic
1970 Science Reasoning/Inference
1972 Semantic Web and Semantic Integration
1974 Sensor Web
1976 Social Networks
1978 Software Tools and Services
1980 Software Re-use
1982 Spatial Analysis and representation
1984 Standards
1986 Statistical Methods: Descriptive
1988 Statistical Methods: Inferential
1990 Temperal Analysis and Representation
1992 Uncertainty
1994 Virtual Globes and Portrayal
1996 Web Services
1998 Workflow
1999 General/Miscellaneous

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