OSPA judging

As part of the OSPA process, ESSI needs two OSPA coordinators.  Coordinators help in the lead up to the Fall Meeting, but do not have to attend the Fall Meeting.

Responsibilities as an OSPA Coordinator

  • Manage effort to secure judges for students in ESSI sessions
  • Encourage judges to sign up via email and/or newsletters and/or other communications
  • Assist liaisons in recruiting judges
  • Encourage judges to enter their scores by the deadline
  • Participate in the selection of OSPA winners within ESSI
  • Commit ~1hr/week, from early November through mid-January

Each OSPA student presentation needs to be judged.  The generous time commitment and constructive feedback is vital for student growth and development. AGU greatly appreciates the time and effort of the OSPA judges.

Responsibilities as an OSPA Judge

  • Register and agree to the honor code. Volunteer judges must be current non-student AGU Members.
  • Sign up for student presentations you wish to evaluate.
  • Evaluate all presentations you volunteered to judge during Fall Meeting.
  • Submit scores, either in real time on a tablet or mobile device, or take notes while you evaluate students and enter the scores online no later than Friday the week of the Fall Meeting at 11:59 p.m. EDT.