ESSI History

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In the spring of 2005, a request was made to AGU President Orcutt for the creation of a section on the topic of informatics.   The founding officers were:

  • Chair:   Bernard Minster
  • Vice-Chair:  Robin Pfister
  • Secretary:   Ben Domenico

That fall, ESSI hosted 28 sessions at the Fall Meeting.  A complete list of ESSI sessions from 2005 can be found on the AGU site.


In 2006 ESSI held a Townhall at AGU titled Envisioning the Future of Earth Science Data and Knowledge Access Through Broad Geoinformatics Collaboration.  Leading up to the Fall Meeting, an article appeared in EOS to highlight the event.


A Town Hall meeting at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting will be held under the theme “Envisioning the future of Earth science data and knowledge access through a broad national geoinformatics collaboration.”

Geoinformatics (GI) is understood as a distributed, integrated digital information system and working environment that provides innovative means for the study of the Sun-Earth system and other planets through the use of advanced information technologies. It is an emerging science and technology frontier, and it is increasingly recognized as a relevant part of the broader cyberinfrastructure for the sciences (see U.S. National Science Foundation Blue Ribbon Panel Report at, both within the academic and applied Earth and planetary science and computer science communities as well as in federal and state agencies.

Fox, P., L. Gundersen, K. Lehnert, D. McGuinness, K. Sinha, and W. Snyder (2006), Toward broad community collaboration in geoinformatics, Eos Trans. AGU, 87(46), 513513, doi:10.1029/2006EO460005.

In 2006 ESSI hosted 34 sessions.  A complete list of ESSI sessions from 2006 can be found on the AGU site.

Photos from the 2006 Townhall

The panel members in the photo are (from left to right): Dave Lambert, Jens Klump, Simon Cox, David Maidment, Randy Keller, Tom Jordan, David Fulker, John Orcutt, and Linda Gunderson (at the microphone, Linda also moderated the panel).


Peter Fox outside the 2006 Townhall