Executive Committee

President Ruth Duerr Ronin Institute
Past President Kerstin Lehnert Columbia/LDEO
Secretary Anne Wilson University of Colorado Boulder/LASP
President-elect Denise Hills Geological Survey of Alabama
Awards Chair Helen Glaves British Geological Survey
EU Foreign Liaison
Stefano Nativi CNR Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research
Early Career Rep/Web Site Sarah Ramdeen UNC-SILS
Student Rep Matthew Mage Northeastern University



ESSI leadership positions are elected positions. Nominations are collected in the spring and elections take place during the summer.

President position description:

Serves 2 years as President-elect, 2 as President, and 2 as past-President. During their term as President-elect and President they have a seat on the AGU council
The ESSI President is Responsible for:

  • Running the ESSI Executive committee meeting at the fall AGU meeting
  • Helping to develop processes for filling the ESSI executive committee positions
    Ensuring that ESSI members have a seat on various AGU committees and task forces (e.g., program committee)
  • Communicating AGU events, news, etc. to ESSI membership as appropriate
  • Representing AGU in a variety of venues

Secretary position description:

This position only serves a 2 year term but is a good way to find out how AGU and ESSI works and to assess whether AGU leadership is a good fit.

The Secretary is responsible for:

  • Documenting the annual ESSI Executive Committee meeting and any interim meetings
  • Ensuring the ESSI website is updated

See AGU’s official guidelines for more information on Section leadership roles and responsibilities.

Past leadership

2009-2010 2011-2012 2013-2014 2015-2016
President Peter Fox Karen Moe Michael Piasecki Kerstin Lehnert
President-elect Karen Moe Michael Piasecki Kerstin Lehnert Ruth Duerr
Secretary NONE Tom Narock Ruth Duerr Anne Wilson